"Market" Assessment

What is a Market?  A place where there are goods or services sold to customers who need or want those goods or services.  That same concept is valid within an organization.  While you may work at an organization that sells products to customers, internal to your organization, ideas, concepts, ways of doing things must be "sold" to internal customers.  We typically use different terminology when looking at the internal landscape.  We call internal customers - our coworkers, bosses, or team members - stakeholders.  But at any given time, others are competing with you to "sell" their ideas.  To create interest in those ideas by paying for them with their attention, time, and engagement.  Sometimes, the internal market, isn't ready for your idea.  Sometimes, the internal market needs to be cultivated.


We help you to assess your internal "market".  To see if you're organization is ready or your idea.  Or If your idea is so radically cutting edge, it needs to be kept on a shelf until the market conditions are ready to hear you out.  And you may need to focus on a another idea as part of a longer strategic play to move your organization in a better direction.