More about you

Published Thursday, April 14

Who am I? What am I?... A multi dimensional, time traveling, infinite variable being

Answering the questions of, “Who am I” and “What am I”, can have a life changing impact to your relationships - the relationships with others and the relationship you have with your “self”, or more accurately, to your “selves”. Our lives can go on auto pilot. Discovering what makes you tick, puts you back in the driver seat.  You can start to choose your own path, driving towards your ultimate destiny, and bringing chaos in balance to create your ultimate reality.

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Versions of You

Published Tuesday, March 30, 2022

What can cause debilitating stress in times of crisis? And yet, when faced with impossible odds, that same stress infuses us with seemingly supernatural certainty and definiteness of purpose? It is energy found in the conflict between multiple versions of "you".  Unchecked conflict is chaos. That same energy, focused and aligned, brings forth the infinite possibilities to be found only within the chaos in balance.


What are the versions of you?


Intra- or Entre- preneurshup?

Published March 22, 2022


Is Intrapreneurship riskier than Entrepreneurship?  Yes and no.  Having a relatively stable job within a large organization, established revenue streams, and organizational resource would lead to an obvious answer.  Until the risks are examined more closely.


Why are things so complicated?

Published March 18, 2022

Why are things so complicated? This is a question that used to hunt me.  This question follows on the heals of the feelings of frustration and confusion when working through challenges in work, life and play.  And when the path to navigating emerges from the chaos, the path forward becomes infinitely more enjoyable.  

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The Grind

Published March 13, 2022

To sell an idea, a salesperson will attempt to paint a picture of a future possibility that is so compelling, that it creates  a yearning. A desire so strong, change is the only path forward.  This may work for many individuals.  For those that need another approach, perhaps there's an alternative.