The Name

Chaos in balance came to me as a thought over 20 years ago. It was one of those moments, like a lightning strike, coming out of the darkness. At that time I couldn't articulate what that phrase truly meant. 


There were random isolated events that others found meaning. But every explanation that I came across was logical but made no sense. And yet all of the random coincidences, noise, the chaos around me, struggled against each other, bumped up against each other, in forcefully intentional ways that ended up in a beautiful balance, dance, it was chaos in balance.


It was something I observed around me, that, after 20 years, I've read several books now where there are others that already figured this out. But they were so much literature out there, frameworks, theories, and approaches to life that laid the groundwork. Or should I say, they made the invisible, visible. They painted the whimsical blowing of the wind, energy that connected us all, in brilliant colors for me to see. For all those who did the hard work to illuminate the path that was already there, thank you.


Published March 31, 2022


I went backpacking once and came across a beautiful and profound concept that had an existential impact: leave no trace.  In my own words, simply put, you go into the back country, and you leave it, like you found it. I took that to heart, the first time I went back country backpacking and saw what I considered pristine landscapes where there is a little evidence of human impact. 


That experience contrasted with what I see in every moment of my life. The impact that I have, that humanity has upon the earth, is undeniable. This isn't about some environmental pitch. This is about how this little saying grew into a much more profound perspective.


It was, "leave it better than when you found it." I came into this world born from the miraculous powers of creation from my parents. And from that very moment the world had changed. I was a unique sentient being added to the billions on this earth. As each of you are a unique creation that results in decades of impact upon the earth and the community that you live.


What can be improved during a single lifetime? The questions that are arising in me today, or what kind of impact well I have for my family, my community, my nation, my earth? Will this timeline be better off because of my life?


Each minute, each breath of existence as an opportunity to have a profound impact on a small, second by second scale, or cumulatively, the seconds, minutes, hours, and days can add up to impact for future generations.


This is where chaos in balance came to be. Our mission is to take the infinite potentiality of chaos, to bring it into balance, and to help create a more abundant, future. Our services, guides, and resources are here to support you in your intentional creation to bring out an even better future, and realizing your ultimate destiny.  Check out our services, our learning resources on YouTube, articles on LinkedIn, or subscribing to our email list to see how we can support you in your journey and bring chaos in balance.