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Published April 14, 2022

Who am I? What am I?... A multi dimensional, time traveling, infinite variable being

Answering the questions of, “Who am I” and “What am I”, can have a life changing impact to your relationships - the relationships with others and the relationship you have with your “self”, or more accurately, to your “selves”. Our lives can go on auto pilot. Discovering what makes you tick, puts you back in the driver seat. You can start to choose your own path, driving towards your ultimate destiny, and bringing chaos in balance to create your ultimate reality.

Here an answer...


[I] + major identities

[I] + major identities + minor

[I] + major identities + minor + you past

[I] + major identities + minor + you past + you future


What you can see, will depend on your current skill of mindfulness and self awareness. For most, our awareness is limited to the “I”. It is what we see in front of us, what we can identify with the five senses. It’s feeling your body and basic functions - breathing, hunger, going to the bathroom. It can be what you see when you look in the mirror and you say, “that’s me!” It can be noticing how you’re feeling or the thoughts that are going through your head right now.

[I] + major identities

Humans grasp more than what their conscious mind can articulate in words. You have a sense of self. That identity may include your gender, the shape and size of your body, your job, education attained, religious beliefs, money in the bank, and the city you live. Those will be your major identities. These are things that can be readily observed and articulated when someone asks, “Who are you?”

Even if you can articulate that identity, for example, ”I am a man, I live in California, etc.” Just those two have a litany of connotations and meaning, some conscious, others below the line of awareness. Being a man may mean being strong, masculine, action oriented, assertive. Living in California may mean easy going, say “hella fun” instead of “lots of fun.” It could be music preference, e.g. west coast rap versus east coast rap. Your major identities hold within them innumerable layers and variety of meaning.

[I] + Major Identities + Minor Identities

There are so much more beyond the major identities. Consider our relationship history or marital status, our political leanings, the friends we keep around us, the traumas and joyful experiences that have become anchor events in our lives. All of these contribute to our personality - how we react to stimuli, which emotions we select, the thoughts that cycle through our brains, and the behaviors and habits we have.

This is a very simple version of all the variables that make up an individual. Imagine that all these variables are constantly vying for your focus - the energy that you put into them consciously or unconsciously, with 99% of the time being unconscious. It happens when you drive to work and back home each day. That experience of getting in the car, with a friend, and have engaging conversation. Before you know it, after an hour’s drive, you’ve made it to your destination. You give your yourself a moment to appreciate that you made it safe and sound, driving over 70 miles, with barely even thinking about all the complexities of breaking and accelerating, watching out for road hazards, and looking for the right signs to make the right turns.

Now imagine, all these different major and minor identities are versions of you. They are demanding you act in alignment with them, working with, or in conflict with, other parts of you. Sometimes one of those versions of you take over with such intensity, you speak a truth that is incongruent with the situation. Like an example when a coworker responds to constructive criticism as being talked to like they were a kid. Objectively, it was professional feedback. But that activated the identity of being the youngest child, being scolded in public, by a parent figure. It wasn’t the coworker you knew. it was a combination of major and minor identities.

[I] + Major Identities + Minor Identities + You Past

Even with all these major and minor identities jostling for position number 1, there’s more. Every moment in your history, in your biography, each of these different major identities and minor identities were formed. They each have their own timeline of significance that contributes to who you are in the current, present, moment.

It’s starting to get extremely complicated and interesting. The illustrations here are meant to demonstrate how fantastic and amazing you are - performing an infinite number of calculations and any given moment. Holding all your major and minor identities, the various times in your past where they formed, constantly at play in chaos with your ”self” striving to keep it all in balance.

[I] + Major Identities + Minor Identities + You Past + You Future

Wait there’s more. We now have all the versions of your self, over your entire life span. All the different major and minor identities at play and your current self is balancing this chaos. Sometimes it’s not in balance. In either state, the Present Self is projecting into the future possible Future selves. In the now, the Present self is experiencing something new that adds another dimension or layer. The potential future self is radically different, yet still holding with it, the infinitely increasing Major and Minor Identities and an even deeper, richer, more complicated layers of the past selves.

Is this why I feel crazy, disoriented, out of control?

Imagine for a moment, the Present You, with all its identities, is an orchestra. Filled with thousands of players and instruments. Imagine the beauty of such a massive orchestra when tuned, playing the same music, with your highest self as the conductor. Imagine what type of music that could be. Now imagine, that same orchestra at complete odds. Your 8 year old self as a son and brother decides to play the loudest. It drowns out any other instrument playing. And all the other musicians just want to play. And they play whatever song they decide, trying to ignore that 8 year old self, and forgetting that you are the conductor. That 8 year old self would make the Present Self act out of character, in discord with the True Self.

The chaos

When a couple or a few parts of the Self, past, present or future, are out of synch, inconsistent behaviors may show up. What happens if there is a misalignment, a dissonance, across many major and minor identities, across different points in time? Two things can happen

  1. Emotional, mental, social, and / or spiritual discord resulting in maladaptive behaviors and chronic diseases.

  2. Or the ingredients that make for a colorful, vibrant personality. If the True Self can contain or channel the chaos, it could result in a highly creative, holistically integrated individual

Becoming aware of this dynamic, using the tools, guides, or reaching out for any of our services, can help bring that chaos in balance. Bringing that energy in attunement with your highest self, your True Self, puts you in the driver's seat, to take this vehicle that is you, to your ultimate destiny.